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Keç Pelek, Duran İerlere
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                          AMANGELDIİEWA ABADAN







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Berdiyev Sisters


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Sakhi Djepbarov & A. Chariyev

Purli Sariyev


1)A Poem of Maghtumguly (By: Golara Ghorbandordinejad)

Hudiler we läleler (Taºjan Halili, Dr. Farzad Marjani's Grandma!)


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Nury Halmammed




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“Aygytly Adim” ç/f

aydym we sazlary


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Dunya Nurmammedova is a naturally talented and intelligent pianist from the former Soviet Union Republic, Turkmenistan. She is a mature pianist and her playing is always very musical and passionate. 


She moved to the UK when she was 17 to continue her music education and performance career. Director of Music-BPCFE Dr Mark Bellis said;

‘Dunya is a naturally talented practical performer and her ability on piano displays good and developing technique, natural musicality and growing maturity’.


When she was 19, she received Advanced Level Piano Recital Diploma Certificate from Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. At the same age, she played in a national piano competition, which took place in Dorset and was also selected to take part in the PACA Piano Prize, where she also attended the master class which was taken by the distinguished British concert pianist Philip Fowke, who was also the Head of Piano Department at Trinity College of Music, London. Fowke said about Dunya; ‘A musical player… A charming platform manner’. Dunya started studying at London College of Music at the age of 19. She studied with Andrew Zolinsky, Jill Crossland, and she is currently studying with a Russian concert pianist Dr. Michael Schreider.


When she was 7 years old, she moved to Ankara-Turkey as the daughter of a diplomat. In her early life, she studied at a private school called METU, which is one of the best private schools in Turkey, and also she was always one of the most successful students at school. Her serious musical life began when she decided to start studying at Hacettepe Conservatoire at the age of 15. She also studied with some important professors from Bilkent and Turkmen Conservatoires, including Isabella Alexandrova, Hatira Emrahova and Orazgul Annamuradova.


She gave her first major public concert at the age of 15 in TRT (Turkish Official TV and Radio). In this concert, the audience consisted of musicians, professors, politicians, diplomats and press members. Since then, she performed several times in TV and radio stations such as TV8, TRT, NTV and Radio Free Europe. She also performed numerous occasions in Turkish Parliament and Turkish Society Historical Concert Hall, where she won awards for her performances from politicians and ministers. When she was 17, she was awarded for her performance by the Turkish Cultural Ministry, Dr. Huseyin Celik. At the same age, there was also a book published about her, which consists of her photos, articles etc.



‘A musical player… A charming platform manner.’

Philip Fowke, Head of Piano Department, Trinity College of Music



‘Dunya is a naturally talented practical performer and her ability on piano displays good and developing technique, natural musicality and growing maturity. She has performed very many times in public lunchtime and evening concerts during the course, both in solo work and in occasional ensemble performances, always with a sense of style and professionalism.’                              

Dr Mark Bellis, Director of Music, BPCFE



‘I admired the freshness of veritable intelligence, the versatile repertoire and her technical performance. Undoubtedly, Dunya will continue to enchant us in the future with the brightness of her God gifted talent.’

Dr. V.V. Anisimov, Professor, Bilkent University



‘…Young musician’s outstanding performance.’

Magazine, ‘New Euro-Asia’



‘Musically, her playing is always expressive and well considered.’

Ian Davis, Lecturer & Piano Professor, Bournemouth & Poole College



‘Although she is just 17 years old, she performs her art like butterflies whose fingers fly over the piano. With her extraordinary talent, she promises greater hopes for the future… Musical compositions… which expresses the gracefulness of her soul… Dunya gave a recital that warmed up our souls…’

Dr. Huseyin Celik, Turkish Cultural Minister



‘… Always displaying a sensitive musicality, whether in performance of her own compositions, of Turkish music, or of the Classical composers. In the St Cecilia concert, our major end - of - term concert, she performed a Turkish composition and also Chopin’s Nocturne in C sharp minor. These were both played extremely well.’

Dr Mark Bellis, Director of Music, BPCFE



‘…She is an intelligent and a good musician…’

Dr. Rejep Recebov, Head of the Turkmen Composers Union



‘Dunya achieved a versatile and an expressive performance.

Apart from her performance and interpretation skills, she has drawn my attention as a very young talent  with her specific composition skills.’

Dr. Ali Ucan, Gazi University, Gazi Education Faculty, Fine Arts Education - Music Department



‘I was very impressed by not only her musical performance, but also by the compositions of this young talent. I believe that a very bright future is awaiting Dunya

Mine Calisal, Head of TRT (Turkish Official Television and Radio), Music Department



‘Her performance proved her talent. The power of expression in her compositions, the way she conveys her emotions and feelings to the audience showed that she will have greater success in the future.’

Danyal Gurdal, Foreign Broadcasting Director, Turkish Official Television and Radio (TRT)



‘… She is a really versatile child like the world… There was also something else to be considered; the audience was all consisted of people of elite class. And the concert was organised very well. Before the concert, I thought it would be a work of a young girl or an amateur. But in the concert, I was unbelievably excited, she was a real professional. Her compositions were extraordinary… Dunya felt it in her soul… I have never been affected so much while listening to any kind of music. I was so touched. I was about to cry…’

Hatice Gursoz, Academic Director of the Graduates of Fine Arts



‘Her performance attracted the attention and admiration of the audience.’

Koksal Toptan, Speaker of Turkish Parliament


 ‘We listened to the concert given by a young talent with admiration.’

Kemal Fahir Genc, Assistant Undersecretary, Turkish Cultural Ministry



 ‘The beautiful performance and her manner of expressing the music arouse the feelings of love, brotherhood and friendship.’

Elham Aleskerov, First Secretary of the Azerbaijani Embassy



‘…She is an excellent artist…’

Ensar Kilic, Actor, State Theatres of the Ministry of Culture of the Turkish Republic



 ‘We were very touched in such a night. Dunya enabled us to experience lots of excellent feelings. She really has beautiful compositions. The concert hall was completely full… She has expressed her art exceptionally…’

Dr. Rasim Ozyurek, Professor, Bilkent University ‘…



‘Dunya performed compositions by Bach, Beethoven and Mozart, as well as of those of Turkish and Turkmen composers.

The 15 year old pianist Dunya received much acclaim from the audience. The guests of honour at the concert included Assistant Undersecretary of the Cultural Ministry Fahir Kemal Genc, officials from the Foreign and National Education Ministries, representatives of higher education and conservatoires, diplomats, students and members of the Turco -Turkmen Friendship association.’

Newspaper, ‘Neytralniy Turkmenistan’





Dünya Hakkında


Dünya Nurmammedova Türkmenistan’lı doğal yetenekli zeki bir piyanisttir. Dünya olgun bir müzisyendir ve onun çalıºı her zaman müzikalite ve tutku doludur.


Dünya 7 yaºındayken bir diplomat kızı olarak Ankara’ya taºınmıºtır. Türkiye’nin en iyi özel okullarından biri olan ODTÜ Koleji’nde okumuºtur ve aynı zamanda da okulun en baºarılı öğrencilerinden biri olmuºtur. Onun ciddi müzik eğitimi 15 yaºındayken Hacattepe Konservatuarı’na girmeye karar vermekle baºlamıºtır. Dünya aynı zamanda Isabella Alexandrova, Hatira Emrahova ve Orazgül Annamuradova gibi Bilkent ve Türkmen konservatuarlarının bazı değerli piyano hocalarının da öğrencisi olmuºtur.


Dünya 15 yaºındayken ilk önemli konserini TRT’de vermiºtir. Bu konsere müzisyenler, profesörler, politikacılar, diplomatlar ve basın mensupları katılmıºtır. Dünya o günden itibaren, birçok kez TV8, TRT, NTV ve Radio Free Europe gibi televizyon ve radyo kurumlarında piyano çalmıºtır. Türkiye Büyük Millet Meclisi ve Ankara Resim Heykel Müzesi’nin tarihi binalarında birçok konseri olmuºtur ve konserleri için bakan ve politikacılar tarafından ödüllendirilmiºtir.


Dünya 17 yaºındayken kendi için düzenlenen bir gecede piyano resitalı vermiºtir ve Türk Kültür Bakanı Dr. Hüseyin Çelik tarafından baºarılı performansı için ödüllendirilmiºtir. Ve yine aynı yaºtayken, Dünya’nın müzik hayatı hakkında Bakan Dr.Hüseyin Çelik’in önsözüyle baºlayan ‘Baºarının İlk Adımları’ adlı bir kitap yayınlanmıºtır ve bu kitapta Dünya’nın çeºitli konserlerinden resimler ve hakkında makaleler yer almıºtır.


Dünya 17 yaºında müzik eğitimine ve sahne kariyerine devam etmek için İngiltere’ye taºınmıºtır. İngiliz muzik okulu diºrektörü Dr. Mark Bellis, Dünya hakkında ‘Dünya doğal yetenekli ve hünerli bir sahne sanatçısıdır, onun piyanodaki marifeti iyi ve geliºmekte olan bir teknik, doğal bir müzikalite ve büyüyen bir olgunluk göstermektedir’ demektedir.


Dünya 19 yaºındayken İngiltere’nin en iyi konservatuarlarından biri olan Guildhall School of Music and Drama’dan Yüksek Seviye Piyano Resitali Diploma Sertifikası almıºtır. Yine aynı yaºtayken, İngiltere’nin Dorset ºehrinde milli piyano yarıºmasına katılmıºtır ve PACA Piyano Ödülünde yer almaya hak kazanmıºtır. Dünya aynı zamanda İngiltere’nin en ayrıcalıklı konser piyanistlerinden biri olan Philip Fowke’nin master class’ında yer almıºtır. Trinity Müzik Koleji’nin piyano bölümü dekanı olan Fowke, Dünya hakkında ‘Müzikalite dolu bir piyanist… ve etkileyici sahne yeteneklidir’ demiºtir. Dünya 19 yaºında Londra Müzik Koleji’ne yüksek müzik eğitimini devam ettirmek için girmiºtir. Dünya Londra Müzik Koleji’nde Andrew Zolinsky, Jill Crossland ve Dr.Michael Schreider gibi İngiltere’nin en önde gelen konser piyanistlerinin öğrencisi olmuºtur ve hala bu okulda eğitimini devam etmektedir.



Türkmensähra Konserti:


1) Açylyº Sözi

2) Saz

3) Maglumat

4) Oku Gerek

5) Maglumat

6) Türkmen

7) Maglumat

8) Türkmeniò

9) Maglumat

10) İag Saıar

11) Saz

12) Maglumat

13) Magtymguli

14) Owamyzyò Lälik Gyzy

15) Maglumat

16) Garry Gala

17) Maglumat

18) Eje Sensiz Nädeıin

19) Maglumat

20) Jerenim

21) Saz

22) Maglumat

23) Bolar Sen

24) Maglumat

25) Dermany Bilmez

Listen to Albume of

“Halk, Watan, Türkmenbaºy”

National Songs about turkmenistan and President Turkmenbashy



1) Türkmenistanyò Döwlet Gimini

(Aıdıar Türkmenistanyò Konserwatoriasynyò Hory)

2) Türkmenistanyò Döwlet Gimini

(Çalıar Türkmenistanyò Goranmak Ministirliginiò Hormat Garawulynyò Orkestri)

3) Halkym Saòa Kän Garaºdy Serdarym

(Aıdıar Jemal Saparowa)

4) Gülle Türkmenistan

(Aıdıar Jemal Saparowa we Aıdymçylar Topary)

 5) Galkyn Türkmen

(Aıdıar Jemal Saparowa we Aıdymçylar Topary)

6) Gülle Türkmenistan

(Aydyar Atageldi Garyadyıew)

            7) Halk, Watan, Türkmenbaºy

(Aydyar Atageldi Garyadyıew)

8) Biz Watanyò Esgerleri

(Aıdıar Nury Hojamuhammedow we Aıd. Topary) 

9) Jan Watan

(Aıdıar Gulnar Nuryıewa , Myrat Baıramgeldiıew) 

10) Goı aıdylsyn Serdarymyò Aıdymy

(Aıdıar Gulnar Nuryıewa , Myrat Baıramgeldiıew)

 11) Serdara Kuwwat Diläliò

(Aıdıar Atabay Çargulyıew)

 12) İaºy Baıdagym

(Aydıar Gurbanmyrat Babaıew)

 13) Gördüm

(Aydıar Baıram Orazow)

14) Türkmeniò Oglysyò Sen

(Aydyar Maral Durdyıewa)

 15)Keremli Taòrym Gora Türkmenbaºymyzy

(Aydıar Gülnar Nuryıewa , Myrat Baıramgeldiıew)


(Aydıar Gülnar Nuryıewa , Myrat Baıramgeldiıew)




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